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onsdag 15. juni 2016

SCOPE Basel during Art Basel June 2016

Thursday June 9

Strike warning at Oslo AirPort so we decided to book new tickets for tomorrow from Gothenburg instead driving to Sweden tonight. We simply couldn't take the chance...the strike will begin tomorrow morning at 6:00am and the AirPort will close down. Anders is driving by the way...and as you can see in the picture, he is really happy😄

We arrived at the sweetest hotel in Gothenburg around 11:00pm just in time for a late snack at the hotelbar and a glass of whine. 

Friday June 10
Coffee at the Roof terrasse 

Woke up early just to find out that it's not going to be any strike, but here we are and the breakfast was heaven. Went to the AirPort around 11:00, no stress, a good night sleep, great coffee and a good mood.

Then we had to wait for 5(!) hours in Brussels because our flight was delayed. I don't even want to start on the strike issue...<%~#\}|<<^<?{

Arrived in Basel at 22:00 and went straight to dinner at a local restaurant. Basel has a population under 200k so a small city with nothing much going on. Except for next week during Art Basel. Then everybody escapes Basel because of all the visitors coming from all over the world to look at art!!! 

Saturday June 11

We are bringing female artists to Scope Basel during Art Basel; 
Ingebjørg Støyva (NO), Siri Gindesgaard (DK), Lene Kilde (NO) og Michelle Doll (US). 


Woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel, everything is so clean and formal. 
Was at the fair around 11:00 and our driver Øystein was early so we started unloading the car at 11:30. Everything was on scedule. A perfect day.

Got a great location at the fair right by the entrance!!!

Started hanging already at 12:00. Yay!

We have rearranged the booth like a million times, l think we are done!!! 

We were thrown out of the fair around 6:00pm so we were forced to relax, if not we had probably been rearranging again until midnight😄

Went to dinner at Wolkhaus restaurant near by the fair, very nice! We got back to the hotel around 23:00 and decided to go out again for a late night drink in the neighbourhood; "SMUK".
The bartender turned out to be a local artist and his girlfriend sitting in the bar, an art historian. We learn a lot about Basel and the art scene. Very interesting and it got way too late and way to much to drink. A great evening!! 

Sunday June 12
Late breakfast and then back again at the fair. Following up in Oslo and Basel at the same time. The auction is going well and Iselin has control of everything in Oslo. So happy! 

Anders decided to paint the podiums and l started rearranging again, the booth is a little "overloaded". 

Monday June 13
Got up early, today we are moving to an appartment (AirBnb) not far from the hotel. We discovered that it was 200 meter from the hotel after we had to pay NOK 200 for a taxi one block, that's Switzerland!! Very nice small apartment, just what we needed. So much better than a hotel room😄
Got to the fair at 2:00pm and booket the electrician for turning our lights. Very excited about the auction in Oslo, had to work on follow ups there. 

The booth looks great. This is just the first view, we will change the pictures after a few days. 
Anders is ironing shirts...and getting ready for tomorrow.
Good night from Basel!

Tuesday June 14

Platinium First view at 10:00...we are ready to rock!!! 
Platinium first view 10-13, press and VIP 13-16 and vernissage 16-19...a busy day! Not that many visitors but we got to talk to everybody. All in all a good start!
Rearranged the booth again...

Boring old couple going to the same restaurant every night... Why not?

Wednesday June 15
The fair is Opening for the public excited!

Started the day rearranging the booth again...we want all the artworks to be on display and we are taking paintings in and out of storage all day! Collectors really appriciate the paintings and we have gotten some really nice feedback!!!

Sending invoices, we have sold 4 paintings so far...a really good start! 

A nice visit from Denmark! 

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