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fredag 2. januar 2015


November 25: Det blir visst litt sporadisk blogging herfra, men det er visst slik det må være når tiden ikke strekker helt til....

Nå reiser vi igjen til Miami for å delta på verdens største kunstmesse under Art Basel Week. I år har vi med oss tilsammen 50 malerier (allerede sendt avgårde i en stor kasse) av Olav Mathisen, Peter Ravn, Gabriel Schmitz, Luis Bivar og Tone Dietrichson.

Jeg reiser sammen med Kathrine og Bianca fra galleriet og vi skal møte Rune som er kurator i Exhibit no9. Han skal jobbe sammen med oss i Miami.  Dette blir stas. Skal blogge litt hver dag...

November 27: l changed my mind, l am going to do this in English. But remember; I am a Norwegian. I will try my best. Yesterday l got all our Businesscards/USB-sticks that we are bringing to Scope Miami. They look great! I came up with the idea because almost none of our vistors at our booth last year wanted to carry a Catalouge. And this device is made of plastic and it's an hidden memory-stick inside with all the paintings on it. 

All the artworks are published here as well:

November 28: 
In Transit. 15 hour trip. Bianca and me left Oslo at 12:00. Stopped in Copenhagen for two hours In Miami 08:00pm local time and met Rune at the AirPort. Rune works at Exhibit No 9 as a curator and has come to Miami from Asbury Park to help us out. Kathrine is coming on Monday.

Bianca and me.

November 30: 
Elisabeth Ramfjord (me), Bianca Boege and Rune Egenes.

Jet lag. Voke up at 6:00. Met Luis Bivar for breakfast and went straight to work at the fair. So happy, we have walls, the crate arrived and everything is in order:-)

Luis Bivar

Bianca having fun!

Rune making raincoats ...just in case!

Sliten og klager ikke!

Rune having fun!
Hanging Luis Bivars sculpture "psyke" from the ceiling. least with one wall. 

Gabriel Schmitz and Olav Mathisen

Olav Mathisen, Gabriel Schmitz & Luis Bivar

Good night from Miami:-))

December 1:

Woke up early. Breakfast in the sun. Just another day at Miami Beach!

Bianca and Rune went to IKEA (!) to buy a desk...felt weird.

Luis Bivar and me directioning the "lightman"...

And the lighting turned out great! (Luis Bivar & Peter Ravn)

Olav Mathisen, Gabriel Schmitz and Luis Bivar.

Peter Ravn and Tone Dietrichson. 

Morten Andersen og Peter Max Jacobsen) fra Galleri Oxholm. Vårt samarbeidsgalleri i København er på plass i Miami. 

Galleri Oxholm

Jose Cobo

Today l actually got time to have a look at the other galleries at Scope and this is one of my favourites from Maria Polsky Gallery in Chicago. 

Swoon. Love it! At the entrance at Scope.

I met Morten Viskum today at Scope, really nice to see him again. He is represented by L'inlassable Galerie in Paris. 

Tomorrow is the Vip and press opening. The fair opens at 12:00. Wish us luck! 

Good night from Miami... 

December 2: First view / press and Vip

Team Ramfjord, day 1) Bianca, me and Rune

Booth F31: Two minutes left...

So happy that Luis Bivar (the artist) is here. There have been two journalists from the press talking to him today at the fair!

Bianca talking....and talking. Both she and Rune have been great today:-))

This guy loved Luis' sculpture and we loved his... 

First sale :-))

Dallas Contemporary came by and loved Olav Mathisens work!

a great first day at Scope. on our way to a VIP reception at Mana Miami.

Me and Eileen Kaminsky at Mana Miami

Ultimate Favourite Painter at Mana. Yigal Ozeri. Love it!!!

A Norwegian friend of the gallery visitinging us for the second time at Scope. We took him with us to Mana and he loved it! 
I am honored to be in this pic. Rune staged this picture of us at Mana tonight.
Its been a great day... 

Good night from Miami! 

December 3: 
Second day at Scope. 

First celebrity visitor...but l didnt dare take a picture.

Second day at the fair and so happy that Luis Bivar took his time to meet the clients.

Today we have rearranged our Booth a bit and had to emty our storage several times to show people more art. A visitor from yesterday came by because he had dreamt of one of Gabriel Schmitz' paintings. I think he will come back and buy it... 

Look who came by our Booth today!!! 
An absolute privilege to meet the amazingly talented artist Kazuhiro Tsuji ! He is such a Nice guy! 

Kazuhiro Tsuji at Scope

Spent the evening drinking Champagne at Mana Miami

Mana Miami - private Party hosted by Eileen Kaminsky 

Good night from Miami :-))

Desember 4:
Third day at Scope, half way trough the fair. A bit quiet so far, but a lot of interest in all the participating artists. Olav Mathisen is getting a lot of attention because of his young age. 

Olav Mathisen 2014

I have used half the day going to Art Basel, Miami Project and Art Miami. I am working on connecting with other galleries in the US. I wanted to introduce my artists and make new contacts and its going really well so far. The Business card with the memory stuck is a success! 

Mark Straus at Miami Project. Facinating!

I am absolutly a good way. Good night from Miami:-)) 

December 5: 
Fantastic day @Scope 
The Norwegian Council in New York came by. So great!

Started out by selling this piece by Peter Ravn to an American collector. It will hang in his New York office. Funny story, we actually met in the elevator at our appartment building!

Luis Bivar. Sold today.

Luis Bivar. Sold today.

Gabriel Schmitz sold today.

En utrolig bra dag. 6 malerier solgt og vi er på vei til VH1 party på the Mansion!

December 6:

Great (!) Party last night and had to get up early to meet Eileen Kaminsky for breakfast in midtown. Only 5 hours Sleep. The meeting was great. Eileen is one of the most warm and velcoming persons l know. We talked about the residencys at Mana and made plans for the future. So excited!

Started the day by selling two paintings of Olav Mathisen. One to one of the other exhibitors at Scope (!) and one to a private collector. One more reserved.

Olav Mathisen. Sold.

Luis Bivar

Photo: Kathrine Lindsay

Rearranging the booth for the ...time.

Rearranging the booth. Tone Dietrichson - oil on canvas 

Bianca telling about our memorystick-card. It's been a hit. Earlier today someone came into our booth asking: is this the gallery with the memorysticks? So proud of the idea.

Good night from Miami. Last day at Scope tomorrow. So excited and exhausted. 

December 7: last day at Scope Miami Beach

It's been a great show. Sold 18 paintings all together!!!


10:00pm waiting for the crate and celebrating. Kathrine, Rune, Bianca and me. Great team work!

I promised the girls that l would get a tattoo if everything went well...and l did. YAY!

00:30am the crate arrived. It's going to be a long night...

03:00 Filling out forms...

Not finished. Have to go back tomorrow. a good way!

Wrapping paintings ang getting a tan at the same time...

Finished. Good bye Miami Beach....see you again next year!!! 

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